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Welcome to MyHScounselor.org, the web site designed to fill in for your High School Counselor once the school day ends.

While the Internet could never replace your high school counselor, this site is designed to supplement your counselor's role with useful links and information. We are here year-round to guide you in the right direction and help structure your journey through the internet.

MyHScounselor.org is a tool for high school students, parents, and educators that provides online access to helpful college and career related resources, as well as relevant information that can help make high school a bit less stressful... for everyone involved! Go to the About Us section to learn more about this site, or continue on to get started.


Getting Started

Select one of the areas written on the chalkboard to go to that section. Specific sections are dedicated to each of the following content areas.

HS AcademicsGet started exploring your academic options

Should you take an Honors or AP level course? What about world languages- how many years do you actually need? Is there any way to get help with my classes besides hiring a tutor? This section covers the common questions that come up in a guidance office, as well a few websites that can offer some support as students navigate high school.


Get started planning your careerCareer Planning

Research career fields, learn what's important to know, and use web based tools to identify your ideal occupation. Options for a brief overview, or for a detailed search are provided. This section also explores alternatives to the traditional college path, including trade apprenticeships and career/technical schools.



College SearchClick to get started searching for colleges

Learn about the college admissions process, narrow your application list, and access scholarship database searches. This section highlights important steps to take while preparing for college, a timeline of what to consider during each grade, and how to simplify one of the most exciting, yet stressful experiences of high school. The PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject tests, and AP exams are broken down, and relevant variables are discussed. You'll have access to as much detail as you want, with directions on how to use it.



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