Your Virtual Counseling Office

Your Virtual Counseling Office

Rely on just like you would rely on your high school counselor. It's here for you whenever you need guidance!

Each section provides a comprehensive overview, suggested links, and step by step recommendations on how to use the tools available. Please know the suggested sites have been researched and are used in the ways described by someone actively working with students each day.

Think of this site as your very own high school counselor's office, open 24 hours a day!

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The Mission of

As many students, parents, and educators can tell you, school counselors (or guidance counselors) provide essential information and offer a variety of resources; however, large case-loads and hectic school days can become obstacles to reaching each student. Despite the best intentions of your high school counselor, you may not have regular access to the information you need. was originally created in 2010 to help connect students and parents to well respected online educational resources and information. Updated in 2015 as, the goal of this site is to increase the knowledge base of high school students and parents regarding career planning, college preparation, career and technical education, and anything else a high school student might want to know. By having guided access to the most reliable information available on the web, students, parents, and educators will have a readily available resource that can help offer support.


Recommended Use was designed to be easy to use. A streamlined system of steps was developed so that each of the four main sections will take the user through guided step-by-step instructions, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the content. The header menu located on the Home Page contains a chalk board with navigating High School Academics, Career Planning, College Preparation. The user can click on the content area menu and be taken to an introductory page describing some main points, and listing the different steps. Follow along in order, or jump to what you are most interested in. This site is here as a guide, but primarily a resource... take a look and use what you want!


For Students

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High school students are often asked, "So have you though about what you want to do after you graduate?" Most teenagers are quick learners, and so students realize they need to come up with something to say. The reality is that thinking of what you want to do with your future is a life long question that can often change as you get older. Not knowing what you want to do, or even what your options are, is a scary thing at any age.

As a student using this site, take comfort that not having any idea about your plans following high school is okay. Simply ignoring that reality, however, is not okay. This site has been designed for you to go through each content area step-by-step, so you get the information you need in small segments. No one expects you to spend 3 hours each week researching your career options or potential colleges, but by taking 30 minutes here and there, you will be able to learn the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about your future.

If after going through all of the information presented, you find yourself still undecided, do not worry; you will still possess the knowledge base needed to make a decision as you move into the next stage of your life, and you never know what may trigger an interest. Once you know the important information, you will always be able to draw on that knowledge and remember what you have learned sometime down the road.


For Parents

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As a parent, the desire for your student to succeed is hard-wired within your brain. Acknowledging this fact, we all wish students would take the reins and do everything we believe will bring them success, but we also accept that this is not always the reality. Whether your student is actively doing research or taking a more hands off approach, being an informed parent is certainly not a bad thing. Parents are encouraged to research information with students. Even if this isn't a realistic option, staying aware of current information relevant to your child's grade level will still serve you well; it is a great feeling when a high school student looks to you, and you are prepared to direct them to use the tools they need!

Ultimately, students do have to take ownership of their future in order to take full advantage of the time and full range of choices that coincide with this stage of life. While there is plenty of time before they must actually enter "the real world," students can maximize on many opportunities that can come their way- but only if they are aware of them. This site is designed to give students access to reliable information so they can better prepare for what the future holds, whichever path they wish to take.

It is truly difficult for anyone to simply "pick" what they want to do with their future, however the more students learn now, the more likely they will be to at least narrow down possible options, and better explore what choices they will face. Your role as a parent can be to help encourage them to utilize the tools available, while at the same time helping them to balance the freedom of embracing their own decisions. Plus, you know your kids. If while looking through this site, you see something that may appeal to your son or daughter, pass it on to them. You never know what may plant a seed that will someday sprout into an idea.


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