Navigating Career Options

Before solidifying your post-graduate plans, it's wise to spend some time exploring different career paths. Whether you have strong feelings towards a specific occupation, or you have absolutely no idea what's out there, the first step is learning about the various types of careers that exist. After all, you can't really say what looks best until you see all of the options.

The process of selecting a career can often be a lifelong challenge, so it is important to stay positive and not get discouraged. Identifying jobs you're not interested in still takes you one step closer to zoning in on those career paths that are in line with your individual skills and goals. Ultimately, you'll figure out something that works for you; however, you do want to be prepared to take advantage of any upcoming opportunities. By mapping out a lose plan, you are putting yourself in a good position to do just that.

Use the tools and resources available to first explore the different occupational groups, and then to learn about specific career titles. The sections below are designed to break up your research into chunks, so spread out your search by exploring the different areas of focus. You can follow the suggested order, or jump around to what you're interested in most.


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